Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Activity Wall

For our November activity wall, we decided to incorporate Thanksgiving by making a turkey. Each day we will "pluck a feather" from the turkey. Each feather has a different activity.

We started by drawing a turkey on white paper. I cut  it out and placed it on our activity wall.
Then I drew four feathers on a piece of cardstock. I cut 2-3 pieces of paper at a time. I used brown, orange, yellow, and red cardstock (7 pieces of paper total for 28 feathers)

Then we taped on the feathers. 

Our November activities are...
Rake leaves and jump in the piles
Make brown paper bag drumsticks filled with candy and give to the neighbors
Make a pumpkin pie
Make a hand/footprint turkey
Make a turkey wreath
Make acorn doughnut holes
Make turkeys out of apples and other fruits
Paint Native Americans
Read the Thanksgiving story
Make cornicopias out of sugar cones
Make clothespin turkeys
Make a handprint Mayflower ship
Make turkey suckers
Make paper plate Pilgrams
Make a turkey hat
Make tureky cupcakes
Make pinecone turkeys
Make turkeys out of disposable clothes, fruit loops, and cheerios
Thanksgiving handprint poem for Grandparents
Make a thankful for spinner
Make a turkey out of paper plate and tissue paper
Make Thanksgiving centerpieces
Make teepees
Make a Thankgiving headband
Paint Calico corn
Make turkey cups
Make a shape cornicopia
Make a family turkey handprint picture

Thankful Tree

For the second year, my family has put together a "Thankful Tree" for the month of November. This helps remind all of us of the many things we have to be thankful for. Every day we all put something we are thankful for on a leaf. This is such a powerful activity because everyone in the family puts down things they are thankful for.

We started by using brown paper to make a tree with limbs.

I found a leaf template and cut it out. I traced it on one piece of construction paper. Then, I placed 5-6 pieces of construction paper under the traced paper and made 5-6 leaves at a time. 

We put our names and Day 1-Day 30 on all of the leaves. Each day we will add something we are thankful for next to our names.
All of the blank leaves are at the bottom of the tree. Every day we will add the next leaf with the things we are thankful for. 
(We had some crafting leaves left over from a past craft, so the boys added some of those to our tree as well.) 

This is what our tree looked like last year.